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02 February 2010 @ 09:21 pm
sixteen facts about me  
1. i'm nineteen and a freshman in college
2. i always say i'm going to quit roleplaying, but always find myself going back again.
3. i hate following routines, i really do. i'll say i'm going to do a list of things the next day, and never do them in the order i say i will. it's boring.
4. i watch the news religiously.
5. i'm proud to be from texas and love that when people ask me if i have cows in my front yard, ride a horse to school, or expect me to sound extremely hick.
6. i'm kind of hippy-ish. the amount of hate in the world makes me want to cry.
7. i'd rather be home than out with my friends.
8. i'd go lesbian for taylor swift any day. she's my girl crush, f'sho. (as if that wasn't obvious.)
9. i've always wanted to become this famous singer, but i find myself giving up before even trying. i've kind of accepted that it's probably not going to happen.
10. i'm afraid of going out in the world and being on my own. i like living with my parents, just because i feel secure. i know i'll always have food in the kitchen and a bed to sleep in.
11. i procrastinate. way. too. much.
12. i settle for less. whether it's with a boy or grades in school. i used to be the girl who was exceptional. now? well, i'm just average.
13. i'm a sucker for guys with bushy eyebrows, scruff, and curly hair. (zquinto, cpine, joe jonas. even though they don't all meet every single one of those requirements.)
14. i'm pretty 'loud' online, but in real life i'm no where near as obnoxious. i'm way more quiet.
15. i was bullied in school and online. but i still find myself doing it to other people from time to time.
16. i go shopping by myself because my friends are all smaller than i am. i feel huge when they go into stores that i can't shop in. and i feel even worst when i come out of a fitting room saying something didn't fit and i need a bigger size. so, i just shop alone.